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Pete, don't worry, I'll be right there with a bucket of ice cold whenever you need it.

I snapped my Redington last year before I learned my lesson. I now do similar to Jim and go with the rod on the right, fish on the left. It is tricky though.

Mark, I wouldn't worry too much about getting flipped over. If you're comfortable in the yak in general, you probably have a good feel for the balance points and can counteract any sudden fish moves with some fancy body weight shifting. But keeping the fish off of the bow until the last minute is the best way to go. What I'm trying to learn to do is coax the last fish of the day to head to shore, so I don't have to paddle as much! I think a collection of rod holders is a great idea, as I searched far and wide and finally decided to build.

For that matter, anyone with modifcations, neat upgrades, or innovative tricks, lets hear'em!

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