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RE:Calling all Canadians!

RU -

That would be my fault... I lost my inbox a while back and your request may have been a casualty! I'll definitely keep you in the circulation as I work out a few details over the weekend.

The Guild is a group "by the people for the people" as they say. It's a cooperative association of authors and aspiring authors who work together to provide top quality published flyfishing stories for the web. In it's charter year, the venue will be to generate a sponsor-funded Dream Trip drawing for a lucky contributor each annual season.

You will be able to see a new category called "The Guild Member's Area" once I switch your account over to that group. This is where we will post new stories for each other to review and offer constructive comments, praise, etc.

It will be the shared responsibility of the authors, myself, Jeff, and other members to find a sponsor or group of sponsors to generate $100 worth of advertising support to publish the article. Once published, the author will receive a drawing ticket for the annual Guild Dream Trip drawing. I suspect that the first drawing will result in a modest trip, but with time the prize could become very significant. The only obligation of winning will be - a featured article describing the prize trip! If the trip is declined, the winner is free to do what they wish with the money. The goal will be to arrange a trip with cooperating lodges and guides that could not be matched by the cash alone.

A very complementary sidebar or banner will be provided for each sponsor in the layout of the story. The $100 sponsor will get full stage, partials will share the sponsorship with other banners / sidebars, etc.

It hasn't been a problem getting great stories to publish... and the right thing to do with these generous contributions is make a forum for giving back something to the folks who contribute. As authors of published articles, you would be eligible for certain discounts from many manufacturers and would be likely to receive test equipment once in a while in addition to the prize drawing.

The Guild is not designed to earn money for the site, it's designed to be a fun way to contribute content with some perks for doing so. If we all put some energy into it, the returns will intensify - it's up to the Guild members themselves to make it work! If you're like me, you enjoy just getting your story published, but we might as well make it fun and rewarding.

I'll put other plans aside and get this set up over the weekend. As Guild members, feel free to comment on the organization of the tools as well as the goals or guidelines of *your* Guild as we move ahead.

thanks and very glad to have you!

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