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Greetings Willie Gunn,

Some words from Frederick Hill on the Dee, yet, perhaps, equally applicable to the Spey:

"The greased line can be very profitable in March when conditions permit as I can remember in 1932 when six of us were fishing the Dee twelve miles above Carlogie. There had been severe frost at night and grue kept coming down the river till midday, when it usually cleared off. But on the 10th, a strong sun helped to clear the grue away a little earlier. The top pool of this beat was short and rocky with a quiet deep hole on our side of the stream. A fish had been showing here for the last few days and everyone of us had tried him wih large flies and baits, but he ignored them all. When my turn came, the water temperature was 37 degrees, the air 42 degrees and the sun was shining strongly. I put on a No. 1 Blue Charm but nothing happened. When I was changing to a No. 4 Jeannie, the two gillies on the other side came up and shouted across with a laugh 'You are trying the fine art far too early for up here!' But I hooked and killed the fish, a nice one of 16 and 1/2 lb. and had the laugh on them!"

Best regards,

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