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RE:Calling all Canadians!

Okay, I'll admit to being biased, but your UK friend might want to consider locating in Ottawa.

It's got a large (and growing) high tech sector (Nortel, Corel, and many many others are here) and they are CRYING OUT for qualified people. It's a beautiful city with a very low crime rate and all the amenities. There's lots to do, including museums, concerts, art galleries and, yes, even monster truck rallies. It's only an hour by plane to Toronto and less to Montreal.

Most importantly, however, there is good fishing both in town and close by.

Right in town you'll find good sized, fiesty smallies, muskie, pike, walleye, panfish, the odd enormous catfish, and there have been seen carp with scales the size of dinner plates.

Close by there's all that plus lake trout, largemouth bass, panfish, fallfish, gar pike, even redhorse suckers (the latter are C&R only as they are endangered).

The areas around Ottawa have been only lightly fished for years. There are so many places to fish, and a rather small population fishing them. We rarely if ever see anyone else fishing around here. Especially not fly fishing!

Plus Ottawa is only three hours by car to New York's legendary Ausable River, and the same to the Salmon River in Pulaski for large steelies and cohos. Other Lake Ontario tribs on this side, in the three to four-hour drive range, offer additional steelie and salmon action. The Grand River is somewhat further afield.

I'm done horn-tootin' now. You other Canucks can get your oar in!
Royal Unusual
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