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RE:Status/Future of this board

One thing I thought I should clarify:

The Flyfishing Forum, albeit less than 90 days old yet, aims to be a Worldwide Flyfishing Resource and part of that is the discussion board. Lately, there has been background work going to advancing the site itself and other important thinking about where we're going and what we hope to achieve. Combined with the day job and a fishing trip to steelhead country, things haven't been updated much, and I understand your concern.

Even though the goal is to be of a global scope, there will be a lot of New England information on the Forum, heck yeah! It's as great a region for flyfishing as anywhere on Earth if you ask me. But it was never my intent to contend for the New England regional BB and fight with R/T and/or Jeff for local discussion volume. I clarified to many folks even before all this even started. But this is not to say the Forum is not a great place for fly fishermen (from New England or anywhere) to talk, meet good folks, learn a thing or two from others or teach something to a fellow angler once in a while. It does indeed intend to be yet another friendly place amidst the hundreds of millions of sites on the internet where you might feel at home. I guess after the recent fiasco the New England crowd has been looking for *a single* place to go... who could blame them after the split personalities and mayhem of the previous? Not I, but I do think that there is room for anyone who works hard for the cause on the internet, perhaps to *complement* each other's offerings.

I would like folks to feel like they can connect to the wide world of flyfishing through the Forum, as well as a unique perspective to their own regional area / fisheries. Despite recent appearances there is work going on to make that so. Guess I can't take a big fishing trip without losing a lot of ground Seriously, I will keep plugging away and I appreciate the visits to the site. I think you will be pretty surprised at some of the developments that await release.

<center>*** VERY SURPRISED ****</center>

Let's get out and enjoy the claves, keep our eyes on the horizon, and try to make 2000 even better than 1999 (a hard one to beat!).


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