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Jay Hammond is indeed another breed. I met him once in Anchorage and hear him from time to time on "Talk of Alaska" a radio call-in show where people from all over the State call in to opine, rant, question whilst some of us actually listen. Hammond seems to actually have an opinion that is his own rather than what the part line happens to be. An Alaskan renaissance man to be sure, He is as in his element skinning a moose in the bush as discussing Des Cartes after the Opera. He has few peers in his mastery of the English language. "Alaska's Bush Rat Governor" and "Tales from the Chopping Block" are both a collection of stories of his life and worthy reads (albeit with crummy titles as Hammond says) for anyone wanting to learn about Alaska and Alaska politics.

The Habitat division of Fish and Game is all but gone in a couple few weeks. Down to a staff of 25 from one of 85. About 25% of them are out of a job and the others leaving will be going to the natural resources department for permitting work. Time will tell how this unfolds but it does seem to remove one of the "checks" in the system.

Ostensibly, this business in Iraq is to make things safer for us all here by eliminating a dangerous threat. I can't help think it will have the opposite effect and wonder how much it is intended for the third word in this paragraph's first sentence as opposed to the one preceding "all".

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