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Status/Future of this board


With the new Outer Cape Board ablaze with traffic and rumors of a serious Reel Time relaunch(oh no not again!) I think it's time to step up to the plate and talk about this place. It's no secret that I like this board. It's been real fun to help get it going. I feel a bit invested in it.
Therefore, if we need to <i>modify</i> this board to assure it survives then it's time to reopen the discussion to the users. <b>I may be wrong </b>and if so the owner/admin can tell me and I will gladly close the matter. If so, it may also then be time to know the long term plan. Admin please let us know if we can start the conversation of what should go and what should stay once again.

TerryW (local bigmouth and busybody)
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