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Lampreys to the rescue...

Read this in the Alaska Fishermans Journal. What with delisting under the ESA being just around the corner for most of the salmonids, this is allegedly due to the hatchery componets being so "sucessful" in fending off extinction. The water and power/ Wise use crowd (read Republicans) is elated, but enter the lowly and often maligned Lamprey. The Lamprey it seems is also down in numbers and has many of the same requirements for water and riparian protection as wild salmonids so a new round of ESA listings is in the works to protect the Lamprey, as it does not have a bunch of hatchery clones to "muddie up its waters' so to speak.
Hope my singleing out of the republican party is offensive it was meant to be, thats another bad habit that I managed to overcome my affiliation with the Grand Old Party, In Alaska when I was younger we had a Teddy Roosevelt like Fellow that was as inspiring to me as any politician I have ever known, Jay Hammond.
The present Republican administration under Gov. Frank Murkowski is as far removed as an individual can be from Roosevelt he has dismanteled the Habitat Division that has been under the blanket of the Fish and Game Dept. since before statehood. Slashed its work force by half and put it under the control (and I mean control) of the Department of Natural Resources. This is viewed as retibution by many of us who were involved in the curtailment of the widespread destuction of the Tongass National Forrest by the large scale industrial logging by the now defunct cut and run pulp mills and there logging componets in Sitka and Ketchikan.
Murkowskis Chief of Staff is the former head of the Alaaska Loggers Association the chief Timber Company Lobbyist for the Battle that the Enviromental and Fishermans groups fought for years back in DC when Murkowski was US Senator from Alaska.
Oh yeah did I mention that his newly appointed Fisheries Czar is the State Senator who this session sponsored a bill to overturn the Alaska ban on Fin Fish Farming Allen Austerman.
Good by Tony Knowles we are sorely going to miss you and your Democratic administration.
Hey OC, do you think this will live'n things up?
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