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funny you should mention that...

I felt that the "tag job" on this particular fish was poor. It was the type of tag that was threaded through the fishes tail and the ends of the tag were tied in a knot. The tag had a tremendous growth of algae and a number of small bivalves attached which resulted in an unsightly appearance. The fish itself was very healthy and looked good despite the eight inch trail of algae that had adhered to the tag. I have handled a number of tagged fish: cobia, spadefish, tau-tog, rockfish(ya'll call em stripers), and brown trout. This was the first time I had ever seen a tag of this type. I believe that the normal tag of choice is called a spaghetti tag. From the tagged fish that I have handled and observed the spaghetti tag seems to be superior in every way to this other more obtrusive type of tag...But what do I know!

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