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The "Guild Year" Begins in April

Hello all, those of you who expressed interest in the Writer's Guild THANKS! I am pleased to announce that the concept is taking form and there are some really great members signed up. Now that we have a quorum, things will be moving ahead over the next two weeks.

<b>1</b> - Those who already confirmed interest via email or in the earlier threads will be included automatically in the member list (no need to re-confirm). I'd like a photo and short bio for the guild profile page. If you don't have something scanned, don't worry - I'll scan for you.

<b>2</b> - A private discussion board has been installed for those who join. You can't see it now but when your account is transferred, you and other guild members will see it. When you join, your existing account will be transferred, no need to change your profile.

This is where articles can be submitted for guild members to review. There will also be an "anonymous" account to allow discreet constructive comments with anonymity. The objective is to get everybody's comments for the article you propose - it's your decision to accept or decline any comments.

<b>3</b> - We have got an immeasurable amount of knowledge and insight in the Forum, and the readership is increasing. I believe the Guild will allow us to get together to leverage some of that experience into sponsored articles. Each sponsored article will put a ticket into a drawing that will be held by an independent party. One guild member will be the lucky winner of the grand prize... a dream flyfishing vacation.

I have asked Jeff Roop to help me generate sponsorship for our works. For the sponsorship contributions, we will provide generous yet tasteful advertising information in each article. Each sponsorship puts another ticket in the drawing bin, so please help by recruiting sponsors you may know (like a shop where you spend lots of money!). The proceeds will fund the dream vacation.

So, with April and spring - we kick off the GUILD! Like all things, it will take time to gain momentum... but if we stay passionate about the potential there will be someone enjoying a trip worth lifetime memories c/o the guild!

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