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RE:You know you're a fly tying junkie when...

hey... I represent that!

Good yuks, I recall threads from a past life where the discussion degraded into folks digging up real fly recipes from ancient books that required human hair from...

On the topic of rodent fur, I was driving home one night when a police car and an animal control van were stopped in the street. There lay a freshly killed fisher, I'd say about four feet from nose to tail, and much of that tail. I slowed down to observe the animal, and couldn't get over the wildness of the animal that housecats fear. The AC officer asked "wanna make a hat?", seeing my "thousand mile stare". I jumped out of the truck to take a closer look on that note. The fur made the best bucktail look sick. The AC officer (a she) admired the beast after she poked at it with a stick to make sure it was really dead.

I blurted out that I was a flytyer and the tail looked really interesting to which she said "want me to give you just the tail?". I thrashed with the dillema - a rare and legally obtained (a cop witness!) supply of tying fur the likes of which I hadn't seen before -or- dignity of not accepting roadkill in my home town, where my wife is well known town worker, soon to become the wife of that "roadkill guy". What would I do with it? Freeze it? Cure it?

I said "sure is beautiful, what a waste!" and hopped tail-less into the truck and went home.
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