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Atlantic salmon fry stocking - MA needs volunteers


The state has sent around a few flyers looking for volunteers to help them stock Atlantic salmon fry into suitable rearing waters this upcoming spring. I have done this in Vermont and think it is a pretty nice way to get outside, see some new streams and participate in a worthwhile event. I have set up the announcement in a web page so you can see the dates and contact information. Click <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">here</a><!--url--> to see the info. I am not affiliated with them, but thought I'd pass it along.

If you do go - my suggestion is to bring another change of clothes - as you may get sweaty and/or it may be snotty weather, and it is nice to change so you don't get uncomfortable. BTW this is where a pair of breathables would shine.

Also, this is a good opportunity to introduce an older child or teenager to the ideas we espouse all the time (i.e., conservation, restoration and in general the need to keep environments protected). As a bonus - it is a great way to check out prospective trout destinations - you may want to stash a 3wt in the vehicle for some fishing later that day. You could tie up some fry patterns and go to a few of the locations where browns are at - you'd probably clean up .

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