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Smolt, If I'm right, the secret to a temple dog wing is that it's tied in reverse — that is wing tied in facing forward, then turned back toward rear of the fly by tying a wing over the top tied in conventionally (facing back) — which helps to keep the first wing facing back. The idea is that the temple dog wing is higher (more vertical) than a conventional wing. Perhaps Topher can confirm how he ties his wings.

My choice of flies depends highly on the river and season. One of my top choices for Russia is, in fact, a red/black temple dog tube fly. For NAmerican rivers I also like green highlanders, blue charms and a Gaspé fly — picasse. Also undertakers. When water temperatures call for dries, I like bombers (dead drift) and waller wakers (waking flies). In the late season when weather/water really cools off streamers become productive. I especially like a very, very sparsely tied streamer of my own design — a skinny minny. And ocassionally, I even will use a bunny leach.

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