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RE:Multimedia coming soon...


Very nice footage. Although I thought I was going to see someone with a silver bullet on. All that would have been left is Sir, "Would you like first class or coach?". [img]" border="0" align="middle">

IMHO with the advent of high speed access(ie. cable,DSL,satellite & fiber)making huge inroads into the consumer market I wouldn't get too hung up on throughput quality issues. Focus on the task at hand. "Build it and they will come". <img src="[/img]

The big corporations advise you of estimated download times of large files based on 28.8Kb/s! If a web site visitors connection is that slow, well so be it. Just base this on the sampling of this post. How many people complain it's slow? Not many. So therefore the blame is not on this web sites front end!

Like I said to you before we WILL have a clave on the net this year REAL TIME. I don't care if I have to bring a generator on the beach.

Just my .02
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