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RE:Bleak Picture for the Salmon of the World

I watched that show in horror also. I have to figure that David Suzuki had to have great courage to publish the show and the CBC and BBC to show it. Here in the old USof A it will never be shown.
I have been trying to order it so that I can give it to the WSC out here in the Pacific NW. It apears that it is not for sale as yet from CBC's clearing house. If I can't purchase a copy I would love to obtain one from you. I will gladly pay any costs to you for a coppy.

While there are many reasons that our fish populations are going down world wide this in my opinion will be the end to any chance of getting healthy runs ever again. The sea lice problem will no doubt be the major culprit. Also the issue of 30% of the worlds bait fish are now being used to feed farm raised fish. This comes out at 10 pounds of bait fish to 1 pound of farmed fish.
Thanks for your post.
Steve Wrye.
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