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Eagles !!!

Sometimes we get bumbed out over the negative things we see and fight, and fail to notice the good. Last week I had a real treat. I had SIX bald eagles on my pond. They were on the ice. They were picking trapped fish out of the ice for an easy lunch. When I was a kid (back in the 50s &60s) We never saw an eagle here in South-central Indiana. In recent decades they have made a comeback and I have a pair which frequent my ponds in the summer, but 6!!! WOW!!!
As another aside, I would also mention that we have more waterfowl now, here in south central In., than we have had since the early 1900s. And our wild turkey population is doing great. When I was a kid I read and dreamed about hunting turkey, but didn't really think we would ever have them here again.
Now if we could just get rid of a few dam(n)s.....:hehe: :hehe:
Lots of feathers,
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