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RE:Snake River Trip Report

Could not understand at first why someone of Duggans flyfishing ability did not hook up on his first days over on the Snake. Now I think I know. The 1st couple days Duggan fished the weather had turned bad and seems to change the whole fishing game over on the Snake. After he left to go do some work for his mom in Idaho the weather turned nice. When I got there the conditions were perfect and 1st light the fish were very eager to come to the surface. A lot of the runs were loaded with fish and easy to hook for the first trip or two down through the run. After 3 or 4 fish jumping and running the rest of fish get real careful or move to new holding water. Also when jet boats show up and back drift then roar up river to do it again really puts fish down. After 3 good days of weather and 9 fished caught and lots more to the fly things changed. A low pressure system moved in and nothing, even noticed that the jet boats went fishless early. Talked with Bob Black who was one of the first to flyfish the the Snake some 45 or 50 years ago and he feels that the lows trigger the fish to move quikly up river and they never hold up in the runs. I think he is right on. Durring good weather maybe fish move at night then hold durring the day. Once a Steelhead is in a holding area he becomes very territorial and will move to a fly on the surface. Last day on the river the weather turning ugly I went down through a run twice on top and not even a bump I resorted to the evil sink tip and not even a bump then.
So Duggan I think you just picked bad fishing days to be on the Snake. After many years on that river I've realized fishing can be real hot or real cold and when it's cold it's time to hang out in camp and enjoy the view and have a beer or two with bacon and eggs cooked on an open fire.
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