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RE:Kayaks for fishing, Questions for the forum...

I've built two kayaks from kits, a CLC Chesapeake 17 and a Pygmy Osprey Standard. Putting each of them together was fairly straightforward, even for a novice woodworker like me. Each took about 80 hours of time. I prefer the Chesapeake's hard chined hull for fishing because of the greater initial stability. Both boats perform comparably with the best fiberglass or Kevlar expedition boats.

You had a question about the Chesapeake vs Mill Creek. I think the water you fish would determine which boat would be best. The Chesapeake is much faster, has larger cargo capacity and can handle rougher water. The Mill Creek is more stable, but better suited for quiet water.

If I was considering building a boat primarily for fishing, I'd look closest at the Chesapeake LT or the Pygmy Arctic Tern.

I live in northeastern Connecticut and use them for striper fishing along the Connecticut and Rhode Island shore.

Please email me with any specific questions. I'll be glad to help any way I can. If you want, we could have a yak attack clave this spring to give everyone the chance to try other people's boats.

Dave Wirth
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