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RE:Kayaks for fishing, Questions for the forum...

Bob - This has been the subject of discussion on many bulletin boards in the past especially reel-time. Ill put in my .02 here.

I initially planned on buying a kit but was convinced otherwise after considering the time involved in building one. 40+ hours is a lot of time when you have a family. The kayaks are nice and I wanted to build one from Chesapeake Light Craft but, practically speaking, they are no longer in the running.

A roto molded kayak, probably from Old Town or Wilderness systems, will fit the bill. When you think about what you need in a kayak for fishing consider that, in most situations, you'll use it to get from point A to B. Parking on a sandbar will happen occasionally but if you get a sit on top for that reason you need to think about the other 5 months of the year where it'll be too cold to use it.

I tried the Pamlico from WildSys and the Old Town 138T. Both are essentially the same. The Pamlico has the edge in performance while the Old Town is cheaper. Cheap will probably win me over this year.

Good Luck,
Jim McC
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