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Ed, on page 22 of the 2003 Hunter's cat.

Originally posted by Eddie
ther oktopus hooks I saw have a tuned up eye. Will that work?
I guesse that the big hook is for big mouths. A little 0/2 hook looks like it would get spat out with the gallons of water. Also, many of these small hooks have very heavy gauge wire. I would like to keep it light(better penitration).
Thanks for the help.
they show "finally a circle hook with a long enough shank to tie most saltwater patterns. Nor-tempered 2x strong, 1x, straight eye and stainless steel" in sizes 10 to 3/0. Not 100% sure whose hooks these are but they're at the end of the Mustad" section on the page. So I'll "assume ....."

There's also a Stainless O'shaughnessy bend with a ball eye that runs from size 1 to 4/0.
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