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Some guys on the board do not like the octopus hooks due to the upturned eye but I have not had a probelm. A suggestion Norseman on the board had was to cut the back of your tube at an angle to match up with the upturned eye of the octupus hook.

Here is that post:

That seems to work pretty well however I have just been using surgical tubing for the hook holder and even without the cut tube the hooks still rides nicely. Dave steinbaugh showed us this setup at the tying session at the show and the upturned eye did not seem to be a problem for him and he catches a ton of fish.

Of course I have only hooked into smaller dollies so far but the hook seems to be setting pretty well in the corner of the mouth and I am confident it would do the same on a larger steelhead. I also like them cause they are a thinner gague wire and that helps with the hook penetration.

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