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I had a Full vest once but now I just use a chest vest.. when I had a vest I would like to test myself with how good my memory was... so..... I would drive into a dangerious part of town, or look for a bunch of Hell's Angles.... I would then place my car keys in one of the pockets and spin the vest around...usually I did this the day before my town trip... Now... I would park my car about 100 feet from the Hell's Angles or other rouffians.. get out of my car and yell over to them that I have never seen such a bunch of pussies in my life, or other provocative comments.... as they tore after me.. I would jump into my car and try to find my keys... It was exhilerating, as I frantically torn each pocket apart only to find useless flyfishing thrills increased as my sence of doom approached....but alas, I would usually find the keys just in time...sometimes driving off with a couple of the boy scouts on the hood of my car.... I am older now and don't feel like I need to constantly test myself and feel satisfied with out the rush. So anyway...I only use the smaller chest vest.
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