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Smolt touched on it, but let me emphasize it. Non-residents MUST, by law, have a guide present whenver you are on the water salmon fishing. I believe you can get by with one guide for every three anglers, but that guide must be within the visual presence of all three fishermen. In case you are wondering, this law is enforced and it's the people who are fishing "public" water who are most likely to be nabbed. I remember being watched by a warden with binoculars many years ago. He was making sure my guide had contact with me and that it didn't appear as if I had any additional weight on the leader or fly. This was on a very popular public area right in Doaktown, though I've forgotten the name of the beat. It is actually cheaper and less hassle to fish in Quebec, especially the eastern Gaspe rivers like the York, Dartmouth, and Ste Jean if you're planning on doing it without an lodge/outfitter. Send me a PM for more information.
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