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My favorites would be:

1) Sunray Shadow variant:
1 3/4" bare plastic tube, Yellow Polar Bear (3") under Black wing of tapered goat or monkey hair (God forbid!) ~6-7" long, 2-3 strands of rainbow flashabou. All tied sparse.

2) Hair winged Mar Lodge, from big tubes down to #8 doubles - a great fly for big salmon that is used all too rarely these days.

3) Silver Stoat variant. I like to highlite it with a small fluor. orange or yellow ball shaped butt. (stretch floss and superglue) Maily used in smaller sizes with floating line.

As backup in colored water I use my own "General Thunder" a GP with a black seal's fur body and a blue throat hackle. For some reason it keeps on fishing well after the spate has given most off its colour off.

Tight lines,
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