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Volume #2 (partially) UP

Once again, the best laid plans...

Although not complete, the second edition (March 2000) is up. The storefront is close but not ready to open. We have the best man working on it, so there is much faith.

We could really use people to participate in the Expertise page under the topic areas:

* Flyfishing: Getting Started (Juro, John Middleton)
* Casting Tips (talking with G.R.)
* "Reading" Water (Per species)
* Fly Tying & Patterns (Jeff Roop)
* Species and Seasons (Per region)
* Catch and Release (Bob Boudreau, ?)

Articles are being accepted for these areas. Rough drafts welcome, I will dress them up.

Destinations - new format coming in Vol#3 (after marketplace is up)

Suggestions welcome as work continues.

Most sincere thanks for your participation,
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