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Bad Cats Again...

I was concerned about the width. Maybe I will also ask if they can make it wider. I doubt that they will do it but here again everything you are saying makes sense.

The guy I have been talking to from Bad Cat used to work for the outfit that makes the steelheader.

If Bad Cats answer to a wider frame or the bigger oarlock tubes is yes I will try to post it here.

Where do you think they are buying their tubes? Can I get them cheaper from that place too?

My problem is that I am on a budget -- my boy is in college and I have a window of just a couple of months where I have to get it soon or I won't be able to get it until after he is out of school.

I don't think I will be able to do this but if I were to get the tubes and then the frame separately where would you go to get them?

Part of the reason his tubes are cheaper is that they don't have any bladders in them. Does Bear pontoons up in Washington make them that way?

Really, I am just getting into this but I am finding that I really like running heavier water. The Creek Company boat is 66" oarlock to oarlock and that makes it really stable.

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