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Creek Company and Bad Cats

Steelhead69 -- Thanks for your posts. It is great to have someone with your experience base giving information on pontoon boats. I read your posts on ifish and Piscatorial... too.

Anyway, I have the 10' Creek Company boat and I love it. It has 18" bananna shape tubes.

I also want to have a 2 person and plan on getting the Bad Cat toward the end of this month. Search on Ted's Sport Center in Lynnwood, Wa. for a picture of the 10' Bad Cat. They may be the best value on the market right now for a nicer boat. The Stealheader would be great but it is out of my price range.

For a less expensive boat I think the Creek Company 10' boats are great -- though I had to make some modifications. IMO the seat hurts so I changed it to a regular drift boat seat. The oars seem too high so I mounted the seat on 2 2x4s side by side. I also cut the tubing for the oarlock down to where the weld starts. It was only about 5/8" but it lowered the oar just over 1 1/2" at the handle. These were great additions and really helped a lot.

I also added a pulley at the back because the anchor tends to be to one side or the other when you anchor. Then when you go to pull it up the edge of the rope guide makes it hard to pull. I haven't tried this change yet but it seems like it will work good. Even with feeling like these changes were needed the $600 price tag for the Creek Company boat is great. Oh yea, the frame doesn't fit snuggly together so I put some packing tape on the smaller ends and that has tightened it up quite a bit.

My friend has one too and he hasn't made any of these changes and is very happy with his C-C boat. He said it was the "best money" he had ever spent. We have had them down some class 2+ water with 4' rapids in some cases and the boats worked great -- amazingly stable and great fun. Creek Company seems to want to make things right for their customers too -- but don't take them in salt -- they don't cover for that.

(edited to add the tube size)
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