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RE:Catch & Release Mortality

Just to throw in my .02

Greg may be correct in his assessment of the colateral damage caused to fish via bait(deep hooksets)and lures with multiple hooks ie. the 2&3 treble hook variety. Which definitely inflict unintentional peripheral damage.

I know unfortunately from past experience that fish I have caught and released with lures having multiple trebles caused eye and gill damage. Which may lead to the fish's early demise. Blind in one eye in an ocean of predators...

It is one of the main reasons I switched to jigs(single hook) and plastics for spin fishing. Plus having a few trebles buried in my hand.

And then the slob factor(uneducated/uncaring)fisherman who throws the fish overboard or tosses it overhand from the beach into the surf because it's a short.

Pete are you out there?
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