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(alright, I'll bite - and I'm not going for a post count. See above post for details)

Why, Thank You, Striblue, you are too kind in your compliments!

(To others, who may be more serious and post interest which isn't suspect by it's very presence )

This little pattern replicates any leech, shrimp, worm idea you might have; it can be tied down-size or up as far as your hook size will allow; length according to your 'creativeness' or 'artistic' ability (Hey, John! - ). The marabou swims, flows and tapers; it's almost a jig depending on strip/retrieve rate. Just remember to proportion materials accordingly.

Works fresh or salt equally well. Makes a great night eel in pearl black with a little 'deep purple' mixed in (get it, Stri - "Deep Purple" ??? )

p.s. - J.D. - no, I guess I didn't show/give you that secret submarine. No big deal, I'll catch up with it. Mebbe tonite's envelope...

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