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The appearance of domestic Atlantic salmon in wild pacific steelhead streams caused an uproar. In many places the limit was eliminated for sportsmen to keep as many as they could catch. The problem is, tens of thousands escape yearly and the sportsman's catch stats are a drop in the bucket. The average schmoe's reaction (wow - no limit?) seemed almost happy about it and made many of us sick to our stomachs. The University of BC in Victoria discovered that these fish are fertile and have the capability of reproducing in pacific streams. There is even a study that indicates potential for hybridization with pacific trout.

I thought "why don't they use local species instead of atlantics?"... but taking a look at the atlantic scene, local biologists and sportsmen are no more relieved by the fact that the bio-engineered salmon is derived from the same root species here in the atlantic. A native salmon is a native salmon, and no fish - even if it started the same 30 years ago - can take it's place in the Gaspe Peninsula, the Miramichi, or the countless streams around Northern Europe and Northeast Asia.

BOTH Pacific and Atlantic stocks are threatened.

Yeah, we gotta eat 'em and this is a good way to generate food for the human population... but like any risky business it must come with controls that prevent such hazards from affecting the intricate balances in our rapidly disappearing native salmonid pool.

I think the way to go is to (in whatever small part) get involved with the various organizations that be to raise awareness and lobby for tighter controls on net designs and escapement prevention, increase the responsibility of this industry, and keep that FRANKEN FREAK out of our native salmon and steelhead streams!!!
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