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Juro: I completely agree with your assessment that until foolproof safeguards are put in place, this practice should be halted. But.... I'd like to offer some other thoughts on the subject.

Think about cattle for a moment. Before we perfected the farming of beef cattle there was market hunting for indiginous species like buffalo. Now, the native americans always hunted buffalo and killed a lot of them, but they always had enough to go around. It wasn't until "whitey" came to town, that the buffalo started suffering from over-exploitation. Currently, the remaining buffalo in this country are remnants and more of a novelty item than anything else.

If we can find alternatives to commercial over fishing which will work and are safe to the environment (I have to believe we can) I think maybe we can prevent some of our fisheries from going the way of the buffalo. Feeding the enormous population of the earth is going to continue getting harder and will require even greater exploitaiton of resources. Fish farming, if done right, could also be the savior for our struggling marine resources if we can figure a few bugs out.

This is not to undermine your concern, but I offer it to make you think about not throwing the baby out with the bath water. I have eaten native Atlantic salmon, and can tell you it is a very strong an unique flavor that most people who are used to eating farm raised salmon would have a hard time getting used to. I also think that eating a steak off a cow from the 1700s would probably shock your taste buds equally. Just imagine what the earth would be like if we had never figured out how to farm cattle, chickens or hogs. What resources would we have left?

As an FYI, there is already a large fish farm in Fall River which raises striped bass for commercial sale.
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