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The average fish farm produces as much effluent as a city of 40,000 humans that has sewage treatment

The once pasty tan flesh of farmed salmon is now (a) colored with xantaxanthan (shrimp pigment) in the pellet feed and flavored with ferol bromide (same way). The pellets are mostly oil, as is the resulting flesh. Imagine that - an artificially colored and flavored fish!

Tens of thousands have escaped in both oceans and they are settling in to the native salmonid streams of the world. I have freinds who have caught several in a season... in Seattle! (These are atlantic broods)

The pens they are grown in are sub-standard and prone to seal damage and destruction by storms.

The fish are subject to infections and disease so they are loaded up with antibiotics.

The thought of turning the noble atlantic salmon into a heiffer pisses me off to no end. Even worse, the aquaculture business doesn't care enough about the indigenous (native) strains to guard against escape.

Maybe we should start with Stephen Conroy PhD and Kurt Beardslee of Washington Trout, perhaps TU and ASF, etc...
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