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I have been doing a lot of reading about Bluewater fishing. This year I am going to do something different. I am going to whip a loop on the end of my flyline, like in one of Lefty's books. I used it years ago, and it worked fine. It is not that the nail knot failed, it is just that I want a way of quickly changing leaders, from a heavy 100 lb shook tippet, or a piece of wire, to a light 16 or 20 lb fluor. This has too be done quickly, especially when one minute there is big fish around, and the next minute there is mahi mahi, or albacore showing, where 100 lb shock tips are just too much.:eyecrazy: Another reason is you could quickly add a small section of a heavy grain line between the leader, and the line. This I think will be a better way of meeting the change of conditions offshore quickly. Another thing I was thinking about was, seein I use about a nine foot leader most of the time, Taking an old rod, or bamboo pole, adding guides, and using it to hold leaders straight, and easily obtainable. I have many problems with keeping leaders coiled. In the heat of battle while changing leaders, they always seem to tangle, and you never seem to get squared away before the fish are long gone. The pole holding the leaders, only need rubber bands on each end, and with guides in several places along the pole will keep them straight. One just has too grab a leader somewheres near the middle and pull, the leader should come out nice and straight to be easily attached to the looped line, and tie on a fly. You are ready for most anything quickly.
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