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Just a suggestion...

If you are interested in steelies (and who isn't), read the book "Steelhead Dreams" by Matt Supinski. In it he has good info on the Great Lakes steelies, and all aspects of the sport, including flies.

For my local tribs, my favorite patterns are size 12 or 14 beadhead gold-ribbed hare's ear (flashback), a size 10 leech pattern (a buddy of mine "invented" a unique tie), size 12 or 14 chartreuse estaz egg, and depending on water clarity, a size 12 or 14 mysis shrimp pattern. These four usually catch fish for me, although sometimes I have to rely on size 4 or 6 "bunny" flies and others.

Like most guys, I carry a lot more flies than I need "just in case", but these are the ones I catch 90 to 95% of the fish on.

(p.s. - Hey, Hal - those are mysis shrimp patterns in Dan's flybox! One of the natural foods of theGreat Lakes!)


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