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RE:spring for a day

"Another pattern I've had success with is a tan biot stone in #10 or #12. Why tan? It reminded me of a meal worm so I tied up a bunch."

Verrry interesting. The 15 lb. salmon was taken on a meal worm! I tend to fish streamer-type flies in the still water when there is nothing showing because I don't have the patience to SLOWLY creep nymphs along in a manner that I would consider lifelike, whereas i can strip muddlers or wollybuggers more like a striper fly. I need to get over this problem.

i'm not familiar with Gallows. I used to just hold out and fish the rivers after they got stocked or go farther west where there are holdovers, so stillwater is fairly new to me. I just couldn't wait this year and March seemed like a good month to start learning the ponds. Maybe we should have a little pond outing before the month's end?
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