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RE:spring for a day

Jeff -

Sounds like you had the right idea. I wish I did the same. Even the rumor of a 15 lb. salmon would keep me on my toes.
I noticed the gnats were out and a few other insect types. Two or three sightings of canada geese flying overhead, my guess is south

As far as early pond techniques, I'd say no one has the technique down like the Cape gang. I know Tony (striperman) has been hitting fish through the winter, hard water and soft. He'd be the best to ask.

I've been lazy lately and typically wait until they are rising on the ponds, but I have fished trout hard around this time of year before I moved out west in the early 80's. The fish are pretty tuned into gnats when they are emerging. I tie a little black gnat emerger with a tiny little foam wingcase and a stripped quill abdomen. The top thorax is the tip of a black or grey ostrich herl (palmered and trimmed) so it looks like a mosquito larvae with a white partially unfolded wing. I've tied them both ways - wingcase up, wing case at the bend. I haven't figured out if it makes a difference yet. I am no trout expert but all I know is when they are swirling all over the place and they won't take the dry, try the emerger. I fish it with tiny twitches or slow draws after letting it sit in the riseforms. Sometimes it's the ticket to success.

Strangely, I have had great success with black bead head wolly buggers even when the fish appear to be eating something tiny and invisible. There is something about marabou that drives them crazy.

Another pattern I've had success with is a tan biot stone in #10 or #12. Why tan? It reminded me of a meal worm so I tied up a bunch. I cast it out there, let it sink real slow and lazy, and retreive it even lazier behind a floating line - or drag it near the bottom on sandy ponds (like Cliff Pond).

This fly has been good to me in streams as well, fished off a dropper behind a dry like a trude, elk caddis or a stimulator.

My success with streamers has been significantly better in morning and evening. I have cast and cast during other times without a bump, where 45 minutes of wading the shore at dawn has produced some really agressive shoreline hunting trout.

Last time I fished Long Pond I waded to the left from the launch and hit a bunch of trout about a cast's length from shore wading along to the left.

Do you know where Gallows Pond is?
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