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RE:Thoughts for Volume #2?

I agree with Terry's comments on the site's open format.
The compartmentalization works pretty well without being too restrictive.

There is a lot going on at the site and utilization of the different areas probably is measureable with your web tools, and I would like to see some analysis of what parts of the site drew the most interest. We then could discuss how we wanted to influence the site-use as as an oversight group.
Here's an example: let's say a sponsored artist or craftsman isn't getting the attention and hits we think the skill deserves. We could decide to "feature' the skill or art-form in a more direct way. Maybe we rotate an "opening artist" graphic on a monthly basis and allow prime exposure for the featured individual, product, skill or whatever.

One thing that bugged me about a related site is that the material stagnated except for the local reports and the bulletin board. The information 'periodical' didn't turn over enough articles to hold anyone's interest. Of course
the maintenance is labor intensive so we need to think about that, but dynamic information generates the energy a site captures.

Rambling on I suppose...Juro, e-mail me with a suggestion on how I can help get you through some of your backlog.

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