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We picked up a timeshare a couple of years back on Kauaii but I've not taken a flyrod there - yet. This year will be different!

Last year I did some shoreline reef investigation with the polaroids and sure enough - there are schools of bonefish - the ones I saw were pretty small but they were the real thing.

I am taking 9 and 12wt outfits. My plans for the shoreline are prospecting drop-offs, reef edges, channels with clouser type patterns and see what comes up - wire is probably a good idea. Most things that live around reefs will attack flies with gusto!

One of the main prizes for the locals is Giant Trevally (ULUA) but there are not too many close inshore - they get pretty well hammered by the bait guys - you may get lucky.

A couple of charter boats make passing reference to fly rods but its not well developed yet - I may try a half day if there are school Tuna in close.
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