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RE:Thoughts for Volume #2?

I like the layout a lot too. At this early stage my sense is to be careful of further fragmentation. Maybe it's my puny brain but there is a lot already. I DO like the fact though that there is <font color="F0000F">SOME</font><!--color--> compartmentalization. For instance, Steelheading. In New England it's a dream (no offense to you "Headers"). I do not plan on getting into it just because of the logistics, though I would love to. So it's nice to have that compartmentalized and not "in my way" as I seek other info. Same goes for Bonefishing.

One other point. The reason that the open forum get's the most traffic is because readers like an area free of rules. You don't have to worry about "am I in the right category?". Loose that and we loose it all IMO. It proves that people love simplicity.

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