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Thoughts for Volume #2?

I'm working volume #2 of the website pretty hard lately and thought I should collect some feedback on Vol#1 before I get too carried away -

***** What do readers want to see? *****

I know people miss the old linear BB, there are two options there: re-install that one we beta tested, or align with many other regional BB's.

Here are some changes coming:

"Experts" is "Expertise", and will be focused toward knowledge about flyfishing that accomodates the neophyte as well as the sage angler. It will be a contributor-driven area of the site with featured flies and personalities to keep it fresh. A base of information called "Vested Knowledge" will be available there.

Your WEB is finally being re-worked. The layout has been re-done but the portal tools will be a bit later down the road. It will be a place where you can find out what web resources we provide now, and where we will let people in the back door later.

Destinations will get a huge overhaul, and will become both an information center of great places to fish as well as a place where grand fishing reports are presented. If any of you go anywhere good, we'll expect to see it posted in destinations! (right Kevin? )

Chronicles will need to be arranged to accomodate more stories but overall it's stable.

Public Market will be coming alive here soon thanks to some work by AL Deluca.

And of course the Home page will be revised per the new Volume.

The general status is that I have piles of material and very little time to put it onto the site. IF there is anyone out there that can help out, let me know and I will see if you can't speed this thing up togehter.

thanks and talk soon,
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