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Discussion Board Newsletter

<font color="007777"><center>----- NEWSLETTER Feb 24, 2000 -----</center></font><!--color-->

<font size="1">This is the first of a series of periodical Newsletters concerning the board. If you would like to see your issues, concerns or comments in the newsletter, email the <a href="">administra tor</a><!--url--> directly. This will allow Juro to concentrate on the other tasks he is involved with.</font><!--1-->

<font color="007777">In this Newsletter...</font><!--color-->

I. Published Threads
II. Commerce is Coming
III. Appointments and Positions
IV. General Notes

<font color="007777">I. Introducing "Published Threads"</font><!--color-->

In order to re-use the wealth of knowledge that is brought to this site by it's members, there will be a new kind of thread introduced. This thread is called a "Published" thread. The comment field for the thread will contain the description "*** Note: PUBLISHED THREAD ***".

Published threads will be used as permanent references throughout the site and will be accessible (i.e.: linked) from multiple locations around the site structure. Therefore, Juro and I ask that the messages for these (and only these) threads be tailored for permanent reading quality in terms of content.

<font size="1">Spelling, grammar, and all that junk does NOT matter - the point is that we should maintain the idea that we are writing in a reference book or article as a group.

As an example, Juro has agreed to let me add a new topic in the Open Forum called "Vested Knowledge". In this topic, we will conduct discussions that will be referenced from the <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">Expert*ise</a><!--url--> page. These discussions will add to the database of knowledge that we building for ourselves and fellow members over time.

We will continue to keep all other areas conversational and dynamic, perhaps even move into MORE dynamic discussion board styles and chats (Juro tells me the alpha test crowd may remember some of the cool board software that was tested back then). The PUBLISHED thread is only an addition to what is already here and does not affect anything already in progress.</font><!--1-->

<font color="007777">II. Commerce is Coming</font><!--color-->

As the content base and membership grows, the opportunity will arise for us to align with suppliers of fine goods and services. As the costs and investments of the membership grows, we need creative ways of generating financial backing for prizes, trips, gear to field test, etc. Monthly site overhead and software needs increase and we'd like to grow to pay members and consultants for needed services.

Although it is critical to maintain the momentum we have thus far (over 300,000 hits since Jan 17th) the addition of commerce tools will make our site more interesting and will open a new set of possibilities for members and advertisers alike.

Member emeritus Al Deluca will be working on this program, if there are any out there who would like to get involved contact <a href="">ME</a><!--url--> or <a href="">Juro</a><!--url--> or <a href="">Al</a><!--url--> for details.

<font color="007777">III. Appointments and Positions</font><!--color-->

Juro is pleased to annouce that Jeff Roop will be managing the <font color="0000ff">Fly Pattern Database Program</font><!--color-->. We will be providing him with tools and material to assemble fly patterns and images for members, and act as liaison to master fly tyers like Bob Veverka and oversee the publishing of periodical contributions. Please welcome <font color="0000ff">ROOP</font><!--color--> and offer your support as we get going.

<font color="0000ff">Aubert Smith</font><!--color--> of the Rod Builder's Workshop is resident rod building master. His many decades of rod building expertise are an asset to the Forum, and his generous offer to design and construct the rods for the two-handed rod program is appreciated. He will be on-line sometime next week.

The <font color="0000ff">Writer's Guild</font><!--color--> has been a popular program. Juro will act as editor for the time being. In truth all Guild members are editors as well as contributors. There will be a new page dedicated to the Guild in Volume II. Please re-register if your name is not listed when it goes up.

We have approached Steve Moore to act as Director of the Caribe Project. (Congratulations Steve on the new family addition!) When his life settles down he will decide if his schedule will allow his involvement to that degree.

Many more annoucements will follow, feel free to <a href="">volunteer</a><!--email--> your special skills.

We are accepting "posse" members for the following programs:
<font color="0000ff">
1) Regional Reporters
2) Sponsor Schnauzers
3) Club/Organization Liaisons

IV. General Notes:

<font color="0000ff">Volume 2</font><!--color--> is almost complete. We are waiting on a few sections to complete. The release will precede the Wilmington Fly Fishing Show. Although there is no direct significance of the two events, it gives us a deadline to shoot for.

<font color="0000ff">Clubs and Organizations Program</font><!--color--> is an important part of our mission. Juro has been contacting organizations around the web to offer partnerships and promotions to non-profit organizations. The program needs a coordinator who feels strong in public relations and understands how to help non-profit organizations promote conservation and public awareness. Please apply if you feel you can help.

<font color="0000ff">Forum Partner Program</font><!--color--> is a program wherein we partner with other smaller -or- regionally focused sites to create an integrated web experience. This is more than the typical "chain" approach, but instead we permit and encourage agreed segments of our web media within each other's frames. The bottom line is when many web resources work together the member wins.

<font color="007777">Foremost, Juro and I say "THANK YOU"</font><!--color--> for your enthusiasm and support as we grow beyond this first edition of the Fly Fishing Forum. We've been here for a little over a month and thanks to you, it feels like we have a lot of fun just ahead.


Forum Administrator
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