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Vacation AKA FF Trip planning help

Hi Gang,
I just got to go back to the salt and do more of the stripers and other such critters. Spousal requirements are to spend a few days in Boston and then I can head for the beaches and try my luck again on the fishies. Looks like July (later part of the month) will be the chosen month, but August is also a possibility. Had a great time with Juro last year in early May for schoolies and this time I will bring my own rods and lines. Probably can do 3 or 4 days of fishing, the rest of the time will be tourist-thing. And I really don't want to miss out on too much time away from the Bow and the Elk since this year is shaping up to be another grand year out here in God's country.
Juro & others, what time would you recommend to spend a week or so hanging around Cape Cod and get a chance at hooking up with a biggun or two??
What species should I be anticipating for the next several months of waiting?
I'll have to make hotel & ferry reservations early since this time of the year I am told is very busy and my wife wants to get to Nantucket this time around.
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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