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RE:The ultimate fishing expedition...

No need for me to muse, it already happened thanks to you.
For some (at least a few spoke of it that way) the Boneclave last September at Washburn Island was it. I hope that doesn't mean I'm easily ammused. But to break through the inertia in our lives and get out and meet 15 other top notch SWFF persons of such high caliber, wow. The fishing was secondary, to the people and locale. Why else would this image be on the front of this website?
I guess I'm a provincial type. Long live the cape, you other guys can drop 2 grand at the Merimachi (ok I only half mean that, I would like to go at least to the Gaspe for AS). I got the feeling the best is yet to come if I keep hanging around this website/crew/ffclub, whatever ya call it. Like the Boneclave, I had no idea what was coming, so I guess I have no idea what the ultimate will be.

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