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Hook: 2x heavy 2x long Nymph size 4-8
2 strands of pumpkin spinnerbait skirt
2 strands of black spinnerbait skirt
2 strands of crystal flash, whatever color
2 strands of 40 or 50 lb mono.
Rabbit fur - cream, brown, or grey

Rust, orange, brown, or grey dubbing

Grizzley, brown, orange or red saddles

Same as the claws, tied in tail first

Weight w/ brown barbell or cone heads
Another tuft of rabbit fur over the top.

Tying instructions:
This pattern is really simple, and it doesn't have to look pretty. First, tie in the spinnerbait skirts and crystal flash. Tie your eyes in after that with the rabbit hair over the top. You want the eyes just peeking out from the rabbit hair.

Dub the body about 1/4" and then tie in your claws on either side. You can experiment here. Make one claw bigger, or missing, and also try painting red paint on the tips of the claws.

Tie in your hackle feather with the second claw. Dub all the way up the hook till about 1/4" from the eye. Palmer your hackle and tie it down and trim it. Tie in the rabbit fur, and then figure 8 around the weight. Add a little more dubbing over the weight if you feel like it. Whip finish the head, and you're done!

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