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RE:Vineyard Vacation booked!


I plan on being there sometime in the first two weeks of September and would be willing to show you some spots on the shore that have been very reliable for the past few years. I have caught most of my Albies and Bones on 4 flies. In order of catches....small white deceiver, bunny fly, angel hair silver side and alf fly. I have found that since the peanut bunker have been coming back, the albies are not just wacking silversides but jumping on the bunker also. I found a spot where the albies would follow the bunker schools down the beach, move in for a blitz and then repeat the process all the way down the beach. The alf fly as a good replica of the bunker and took several fish. Overall, though, you cannot go wrong with a small white deceiver.

If we cannot connect, I am sure I can e-mail a few spots to you.

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