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not so bad

Well I took the guides off last night and managed to get a good 90% of the the Flex coat off. I was fortunate that on the "bad" section that the Flex Coat did not flow out on to the blank too much and stayed mostly on the wraps. Whew! But I did managed to nick the blank a few times. Under close examination it looks as if its only cosmetic and will be covered with thread and Epoxy anyway although there was one decent nick that went slightly past the finish but I dont think it will pose a problem. The first few casts and an the first decent fish will be the test. In my lifetime I have dinged, scratched and gouged many o' rod and have yet to actually break one where it was damaged. So hopefully with all your help the rod will bring me years of enjoyment.

Many thanks to all of you for your helps and advice.
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