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It sounds like you either got a bad batch of Flex-Coat or you mixed it wrong. Syringes must be at least 1/4 full for a small batch (any smaller and you run the risk of uncertain drying time or incomplete drying) . Syringe tips must also be wiped, and all bubbles squeezed out as per earlier posts-- mixture must be exactly 50/50, no ifs ands or buts.

Getting the old off and the new on ain't no big thing because you'll just be covering up the funky part with new thread/new Flex-Coat. Cut off thread over the guide feet with an exacto blade. Once the guides and the old thread wrappings have been taken off, take FINE-GRADE sand paper and gently sand down the Flex Coat. I would make a strip no wider then the thread "foot-print" so you don't inadvertently sand the rod finish beyond the flex-coat. I'd put the sanding strip around the rod (like you'd buff-shine the tips of a pair of shoes) That way you're only sanding off the Flex-Coat not damaging the rod finish.

When wrapping the new thread, you can always overlap on any scratched part of the rod finish. At this stage, IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS ABOUT THE FLEX-COAT, GET A NEW BATCH!

Last words of advice: on your next rod, get the U-40 rod products. My favorite is Dura Gloss LS Supreme. I've built over 20 double-handers and this stuff is the goods. No doubt! I typically build 16 foot rods with lots of guides so I can't afford to do them twice. Try the Dura Gloss; you'll be thrilled at the results.

good luck

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