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RE:What do You Think?

Well, instead of working on the new page layout as I had hoped, I spent some time perusing the saltwater sportsman site. Overall, I got the impression that I was reading a magazine - without the magazine. The stories are deferred to something you get with a subscription, sometime later on somewhere else. Clearly their intent is to sell you the magazine.

Although I agree with their arrangement of the active forum as a "what's happening NOW" thing (the same plan we've had all along), the rest of their forums are just more piles of conversational "chat" that are not real-time. You'd have to spend a lot of time to get anything of value out of it due to the low quality of the average post (IMHO).

They clearly have the opportunity to create a lot of interest, particularly if they connect the resources of their magazine into the conversational element of their fourms, but despite being a small fry in the game right now I have hopes of being a better fish than they are as an overall web experience. I don't see their site as a place where I can get involved, or make anything happen in the world of flyfishing. Despite their offering exactly the kind of contest I want to offer someday (same island too!) I don't feel like I can get involved and get anything for my efforts.

Great forum though, I'll put them on our list of "cool links" for saltwater.

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