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Be sure to mix your epoxy very carefully. I'm no expert but here is what I do.
Prior to mixing, warm the epoxy so that it flow easily. I've read that nuking it in a microwave will bring back old hardener, I have not tried it and would like to hear some positive feedback before someone tries it. I just put the bottles near where the heat rises behind my fly bench and leave them for a 1/2 hour.
Measure very carefully, I use those syringes for rod finish.
Mix slowly and don't remove the stirrer until done mixing - 3-4 minutes of mixing should do it. I mix in one of those 3 oz plastic cups and hold it over a light bulb to help everything flow. When you first start mixing the epoxy will get cloudy, keep mixing until it's clear. Remember to mix slowly so you don't introduce air bubbles.

I've found I get a longer pot life if the epoxy is pored onto tin foil and left in a thin layer. I have no idea why, but Smitty told me to do it this way so I do. It works great.

I would make a dry run with the existing epoxy on something other than the rod before you take another crack at it. Hope it all works out for you, sounds like a sweet rod.
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