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RE:The wierdest thing ....

One day my freind and I are wading the shoreline on Walden Pond in search of rising trout. This is early 80's, maybe 1983. I spot a very strange white/silver eel, very thick and about 4 feet in length. It lay curled on the bottom as I cautiously walked over. It didn't stir as I got close enough to poke at it, in fact it almost seemed as curious about me as I was about it. I proclaimed this discovery to Brian, who looked at me like I had two heads. I can only imagine how it must have sounded... "hey Brian - a white four foot eel! It's not afraid of me, in fact I think it's looking up at me!".

At least ten years later, I'm living in Seattle and another good friend sends me a news article from the Boston Globe "Amazing White Eel of Walden". Some angler had caught it and brought the spectacle to the attention of the newspaper. Apparently it was born in the Sargasso sea thousands of miles away and may have made it's way into Walden by navigating over a flood area that may have existed before we built the area around the pond up. The article did not say how old the eel was, but it was approx four feet long when I saw it ten years before the angler caught it. I still have the article somewhere if I can dig it up, and the Globe must have it in archive.

Anyway, it's sad that the eel had to become a dead artifact in order for people to appreciate it's miraculous appearance in Walden. I would rather take the mystery to my grave than kill it to ponder it's history.
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